The Proposal: Andre proposed to Joy over brunch in Brooklyn on February 13, 2015. Says Andre: “She cried, I cried (a little) and another couple in the restaurant cried then sent us champagne to celebrate. Simple but unforgettable.”

The Sensibility: Organic and seemingly effortless, just like their love. 

The Ceremony: Just over 100 guests seated at the base of the Secret Arbor with its Century-old wisteria vines and chirping birds. The couple poured two different colors of sand into a glass container to symbolize their unity, kept a front-row seat with a framed picture of the groom’s deceased father so he could be present in spirit, and pledged their love to one another with beautiful vows they wrote.

The Reception: Dinner was beautifully set on the first landing of the English Gardens, but when showers showed up to bless their day, friends pitched in to move everything inside quickly and joyfully, a true testament that the couple is loved by others as much as they love each other.

Memorable Moment: Instead of bridesmaids and groomsmen, the couple had an “I Do Crew” of about 12 cherished family members and friends, who were asked to wear royal and Tiffany blue and boogie down the aisle. Also, memorable: When Andre serenaded his bride with an original rap song at the reception!